CNC Router Buyer Guide

What is a CNC router?

CNC stands for Computer Numerically Controlled. CNC routers are incredibly accurate and can be programmed to automatically drill, cut or carve materials and increase productivity. CNC routers are typically used in the furniture design and hobby woodworking. Zomai CNC router can be used on many materials such as wood, plastics, foam, rubber and for light metal cutting or engraving projects. Learning about CNC routers is an important task.

How to choose a suitable cnc wood router?

It is necessary to get some basic knowleadge about cnc wood router before buying it. The following are some introductions of our cnc machines.

Parts and accessories of cnc wood router:

  • 9.0kw Italy HSD air cooling spindle
  • Dust hood
  • 8* Linear tool magazine
  • Hard Limitpart
  • Taiwan HIWIN linear guide #25
  • German Siemen servo motor
  • Stop emergency button
  • Adjusting screw
  • Limit sensor
  • Helical rack 1.25M
  • Manual control valve
  • German Siemens MPG
  • German Siemens 8080D control panel
  • Clamp
  • T-slot and vacuum working table
  • Taiwan TBI ball screw #2505